How to fix "Function called outside component initialization" with Svelte


Recently, a sapper-based project went over the limit for the size of the built image sent to the cloud platform we were using. To reduce it I knew the easiest first step would be to make sure only runtime dependencies were in dependencies in our package.json by moving everything else to devDependencies.

Unable to log in to OS X 10.15.6 Catalina - loading bar stuck at 100%


I was playing keyboard as a guest at a church and they had the Roland RD-800 which has a unique XLR output. This meant they had no DIs allocated for the keyboard player so I couldn't use my Focusrite 2i2 as I had originally planned. I quickly installed the RD-800 driver and restarted my macbook pro. Next thing I knew, it wouldn't log in. The bar would load all the way to the end then it would stop.

My computer stuck at full loading bar during login

The day my CEO quit


My CEO and I contemplating strategy on the balcony

One brisk but sunny morning a bunch of the team headed down to the shore to get a coffee. Our CEO (Tim) and I decided to take a dip in the ocean. Tim is an avid surfer and barely noticed the chilly water, while I tried to adjust. We headed out onto the reef. I’ve known Tim a while now, and he’s a gracious guy, so I felt comfortable to raise some challenges I’d been having and some ideas I had for improvement.

What is startup weekend like?


Startup weekend perth 2017

It's 6:49. I'm about to head to the gym, when I recieve an unexpected a phone call from my friend, a successful investor and business advisor.

He explains to me in few words about the fact that he was going to startup weekend, and that he thinks I'd enjoy the weekend.

His passion has me enthralled, but never having been to a startup weekend I'm somewhat hesitant to sign up right away.

Eventually I decide to give up a weekend's worth of free time to come help him on this crazy adventure.

Gamify your Moodle


Quizventure is a free and easy way to gamify your Moodle course using questions you've already written and just 1 plugin.

This was adapted from a talk I gave at Moodle Moot AU 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.

I have been a developer at Moodle HQ for 3 and a half years - I'm enjoying it a lot.

I studied Computer Science and Games Technology for 3 years, and my final year project was an educational game. This left me with a hunger to change the world through gamification of education. At Moodle HQ, we are given 'project weeks' where we can work on anything we want (Moodle related). So I was able to realise this in a simple way.

Moodle Peer Review tool for MDK

2015-03-24 11:13:00

While working at Moodle HQ, I look for ways to get work done in a more efficient way. One of the things we do regularly at moodle is review code, be it externally contributed code, or code written by developers here at HQ. So, I devised a tool to help reviews happen faster.

I created a command for Frédéric Massart's MDK suite of tools called "review".

Over time I hope to add more features to make it more useful. It obviously can't understand your code. But it can check it against our coding guidelines, and run unit tests for you.


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