The day my CEO quit

My CEO and I contemplating strategy on the balcony

One brisk but sunny morning a bunch of the team headed down to the shore to get a coffee. Our CEO (Tim) and I decided to take a dip in the ocean. Tim is an avid surfer and barely noticed the chilly water, while I tried to adjust. We headed out onto the reef. I’ve known Tim a while now, and he’s a gracious guy, so I felt comfortable to raise some challenges I’d been having and some ideas I had for improvement.

I had my own wants and desires that affected me in engineering, but of course I had a limited view and try as I might, I was not necessarily taking into account all the other concerns in the other areas of our business.

He heard what I was saying, and it seemed to spur an idea in him.

“I’m gonna quit, you guys are the CEO’s now.”

What would everyone do if they were given complete reigns to the company? If they had the ability to decide our priorities and plans, what would they focus on, what would they give up? What compromises would they make?

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